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Looking for a partner to help build your next game? Area28 has helped studios and publishers of all sizes bring their game concepts to market.

Area28 Studio empowers game teams and publishers to achieve their vision, offering services from concept to market launch. Our team of seasoned industry veterans brings unmatched expertise in game design, development, and live operations.

We foster close partnerships, actively refining production workflows, enhancing game design, and strategizing user acquisition. This collaborative approach extends beyond initial development to encompass live operations, ensuring your game evolves and thrives post-launch.

Our approach incorporates user acquisition and monetization strategies to help you attract the right audience and boost revenue without compromising the player experience. Localization expertise guarantees your game resonates globally.

Area28 Studio empowers you to channel your creative energy while we handle the production intricacies. Our commitment to live operations ensures your game adapts to evolving player preferences and industry trends. Area28 Studio guides teams of all sizes toward impactful product launches and long-term market success.

Project SolarPunk

Splash screen from in progress internal project

Our Services

Area28 provides senior-level expertise in key positions essential for AAA-quality game development, delivering high-caliber gaming experiences across game design, engineering, product management, art, testing, and DevOps.

Area28 excels in narrative design, game design, and level design, providing comprehensive expertise to shape captivating gaming experiences.
From concept art to modeling, animation, technical art, and UI/UX, Area28's artistic services encompass the entire visual spectrum, bringing games to life with creativity and precision.
With a focus on front-end, back-end, and game engine development, our engineering services at Area28 drive the technical foundation for innovative and seamless gameplay.
Area28 offers comprehensive testing services, including QA, user testing, and data analysis, ensuring the quality and performance of games meet the highest standards.
Area28's services cover program management, project management, and community management, ensuring a strategic and cohesive approach from concept to community engagement.
Area28 manages the entire development lifecycle, covering build cycle management, CI/CD, and services automation in DevOps, streamlining the production process for efficient and reliable game launches.

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