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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Area28 platform?
The Area28 platform is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed for content creation and high-performance multi-core native runtimes. It aims to provide a comprehensive solution for game development by offering various services at different stages of the development process. This platform facilitates seamless collaboration and efficient content creation.
Which art tools and editors are supported?
Currently, our platform supports popular tools like Unity, Maya, and Blender. However, due to the service-oriented architecture of the platform, we are tool-agnostic and have the flexibility to support a wide range of tools in the future, including 3ds Max, Houdini, and more. This adaptability allows developers to work with their preferred tools while benefiting from the Area28 platform's features.
How is data privacy maintained in the cloud?
The Area28 platform ensures data privacy by granting development teams access to their own private accounts. This means that only individuals with authorized access can enter and collaborate on specific projects. Your data and projects remain secure, and you have control over who can interact with your content.
Which game engines are supported by the Area28 platform?
The Area28 platform is engine-agnostic, which means it can work with a variety of game engines. Currently, Unity is supported, with Unreal Engine our roadmap. This engine-agnostic approach ensures that developers have the flexibility to use their preferred engines while benefiting from the collaborative features of our platform.
What sets the Area28 platform apart from existing tools with real-time collaboration?
The Area28 platform offers more than just real-time collaboration; it also provides real-time target device testing. This feature allows developers to test their content directly on their desired platforms, eliminating the need for the time-consuming compile, check-in/check-out processes that are typically associated with game development. This streamlines the development workflow and enhances efficiency.
How do developers access the Area28 platform?
Developers can access the Area28 platform by launching our desktop client, which allows them to choose their preferred tools. Once the preferred Digital Content Creation (DCC) software is selected through the client, developers can seamlessly enter a collaboration session. This provides a user-friendly and efficient way to start working on their projects.
How does the Area28 platform facilitate closer collaboration between artists and game programmers?
The Area28 platform fosters closer collaboration between artists and game programmers by enabling them to work concurrently in their preferred environments. Artists can use their chosen design and art tools to create scenes, while game programmers can work directly in the game engine. This collaborative approach eliminates the traditional siloed workflows that separate artists and programmers, bringing them together to create a more efficient and cohesive development process.