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Maximize Your Game's Performance

Our proprietary runtime unlocks the real computing power available in modern devices. Built for the future, Area28 Core is capable of handling the performance demands of latest games and hardware.

Area28 Engine


Make full use of multi-core devices

Area28's Core Engine redefines the development process and content viewing experience. Our n-Core architecture minimizes data contention and efficiently utilizes all processor cores.

  • Scales to available CPU cores
  • Multi-stage data parallel async rendering
  • One-way dependency graph for libraries


Render visually rich scenes

Area28 Core's proprietary n-core multi-threading and rendering system delivers scenes with smooth frame rates, dynamic lighting, and high-fidelity graphics. The engine is capable of massive content scaling, achieved exclusively through our cutting-edge multi-threading and rendering techniques.

  • Light Indexed Deferred Rendering
  • Physically-based Rendering (PBR)
  • Instanced Mesh Rendering

Best in class performance

Area28 Core utilizes all cores available to maximize output. It evenly distributes processing time on each core to provide stable and efficient performance, while its competitors rely on sporadic distribution. Area28’s patented rendering engine offers performance improvements of up to:

compared to Unity on mobile
Feature image
compared to Unreal on PC
Feature image

Area28 Core vs. Competition

Area28 Core offers significant improvement over current market leaders.

* Statistics for comparison are based on running the sample scene in the video below.

Feature image Feature image Feature image
# of paper cranes 4,198 3,800 3,800
# of dragons 3 3 3
# of dynamic lights 1,953 1,900 1,900
Avg. frames / second 110 18 15

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