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Stop Wasting Time

Companies increasingly leveraging remote talent as game development shifts to a contractor-heavy model. However, current tools are ill-suited for the future of game development. Studios spend up to 133 hours on iteration and compilation processes, a legacy practice from the early 2000s.

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Find the fun faster

Making better games is about fast iteration. Change your game content, from art to game logic, and then push the game over-the-air to device and see your changes instantly. With real-time collaboration, you can quickly customize games to find the fun faster than ever before.

  • No more waiting
  • Frictionless workflow
  • Session Management


Make games like you play games

Area28's multiplayer real-time collaboration enables you and your team to create games like you play games. Seamlessly collaborate with individuals from any location, at any time, fostering a dynamic development process that transcends geographical boundaries.

  • True, real-time collaboration
  • Immediate preview of changes
  • User Presence and Status


One hub to rule them all...

The Client Hub provides a single connection point for integrating with your favorite digital content creation (DCC) tools, removing the need for each tool to authenticate separately, thereby minimizing the number of required connections to the central server.

Feature image
Commit Changes.
Session owner can control whether or not to commit session changes.
Secure Connecction.
Connect to collaboration APIs via HTTPS.
Session Sync.
Sync assets and events to all workstations and devices in the session.
Authentication for all tool integrations is managed by the client hub.
Fully extensible archictecture to seamlessy support new connectors.
Session State.
State is maintained during session allowing people to join mid-session.

Tool agnostic collaboration

Our collaboration platform connects to popular DCC tools. Teams can maintain their current toolchains and enhance their workflows with added cloud collaboration functionality.

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